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Some of you are aware that one of my novels, Unspoken, was contracted to a tiny, up and coming publishing house. After some time of not hearing from them, I pushed and was finally told that they were dissolving. During this time I wrote three more novels, one of which was the sequel to Unspoken. But that didn’t help the sense of loss.


Realizing that everything happens for a reason (my motto), I took a second and third look at my query and sent it off to a few agents and publishing houses. I happened upon Parliament House and sent my query and first three chapters and much to my surprise, they asked for the full manuscript! Now, I hadn’t opened up the document in two years mind you so who knows what had been overlooked.  Nails bitten and house neglected, I swept through it one last time and sent it away.

I waited a few weeks. I wasn’t genuinely hopeful because of my failures in the past, but I tried to keep positive. Lots of writers go through dozens and even hundreds of rejections before they find the right home for their work. I know what I love, and that is writing. So I couldn’t be sad. I couldn’t be down on myself and stop writing. I could not give up.


And then my Gmail app chimed, and there was an email from Parliament House, and THEY WANTED MY NOVEL!


There is going e a ton of work and lots of waiting for this wolfy story to get out to the masses, but God am I excited. I will update as soon as things get moving along. For the time being, here is the placeholder and the link to add it to your WANT TO READ. Please add it. It helps authors a lot!

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The Bone Shard Daughter: Review

I feel like reading this book was a complete honor.

THE BONE SHARD DAUGHTER first popped up on my Instagram (bookstagram) and I fell head over heel with the cover. But like a lot of readers out there, I had to twiddle my thumbs and wait for the release to behold its majesty. When it finally popped up on NetGalley, I screamed a glass-shattering scream that echoes into the trenches of the earth and I dove with regard for my life or the lives of others.

Thank you, NetGalley and Orbit for a chance to review this title.

I don’t throw around “favorite book of 2020” or “best fantasy I’ve ever read,” that often but this falls into both categories. With a whopping five POV’s, it tells the story of a girl wanting to please her father, a smuggler who gets in way over his head, a governor’s daughter teetering on the rebellion, her girl-friend, and a woman on an island full of people who do not remember their lives before arriving. They start off on five different journies that gradually begin to connect with a heart-stopping ending that had me gasping for breath.

I’m going to focus on the two characters that stuck with my most. Lin and Jovis. Jovis, the smuggler who is searching for his missing wife. He creates a reputation for stealing children from the empire and returning them to their families before they have their bone shards removed. Bone shards, by the way, are a way for the emperor to create constructs. I get to them in a minute. So, Jovis becomes a kid smuggler who meets up with a rebellion and he thinks, ok, why not. But Jovis is a complicated character, formerly one track-minded and suddenly finding himself neck-deep in treason. But along with the aid of a mysterious creature named Mephi, whom he’d saved from drowning, he may be of use to these rebels, if it means finding his long lost wife. I loved Jovis and Mephi’s growing relationshi and I have a feeling it’s going to get stronger in the sequel.

Lin is the daughter of the emperor. her POV felt entirely disconnected from the others and focused on her life within the palace where her father, foster brother, and a load of constructs live. Constructs are creatures born from dead animals and controlled by bone shard magic. Commands are written on these bone shards and placed inside the creatures. The terrifying moments involving the constructs and Lin’s determination to show her father that she’s worthy of his love had me holding my breath. Absolutely scary. The plot twists in her POV were staggering and so well done, I want to bow at the author’s feet for a job well done.

Sometimes in life, we let moments pass and when we think back we’re like, “wow. I was in the presence of something incredible and I think it changed me.” I knew, reading this book, that I was holding something monumental. This will be the best fantasy of 2020 and maybe even the best book of 2020, marks my words. You don’t want to miss this one for the world.

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