The Camelot Betrayal: Review

Thank you, NetGalley for the e-arc.

In this sequel, we find Guinevere still unsure of herself, her relationship with Arthur, and her attraction to Mordred. After the events of the first book, I was so excited to see some character development and some serious antagonists. Alas, I was underwhelmed.

The pacing, for one, was way off. So much in fact that I felt jarred at the way this book was all over the place. I had no idea was the main plotline was; if there was one, it got lost in all the random. There was no steady flow of storyline. the chapters felt like a sitcom where each episode has nothing to do with the one before it.

The characters fell flat. Each sounded exactly the same with next to no uniqueness. I couldn’t latch on to anyone besides Mordred, who takes a backseat this time around. Funny enough that the boy in black gave the story the most color. I think I expected a bit more romance? Seeing as things sort of ramped up and with how Guinevere Deception ended and with her choices and all, I expected something more than a vanilla romance where the man can’t even be bothered to…feel much of anything. At least Guin was trying. I felt for her.

All in all, this was a weak installement to the series. There seems to be a build up to something, but I don’t see it. At all. There was a hint of an antagonist the the first book, but this one had next to nothing save for one little spoiler at the very end. You can’t have readers slog through 400 pages of a sequel and give them absolutely nothing in return. Guin should have had some character arc at some point. We should have had some romance. We should have seen some huge reveal that knocks our socks off.

I’ll hold out hope for the last book, but at this point, It’s not looking good.

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