The Invisible Life of Addie Larue: Review

I’ve been given the task of reviewing this book and I hate it. I hate it not because the book was a doozy. No. I hate it because I am at a loss for words and the words I do come up with will hold no candle to the perfection of this book.

Alas, Edelweiss, and Tor Books gifted me an advance copy and I owe them BIGLY.

Deep breath.


Here we go.

I’ve been following V.E Schwab on social media and I remember her talking about this book. I recall her in the process of writing and editing and I almost felt like I was there with her, drafting and completing THE INVISIBLE LIFE OF ADDIE LARUE. She’d been working on this book for so long and she’s poured her heart and soul into it. This very well may be her best book to date. Maybe ever.

But who am I kidding? V.E will never peak. She just keeps climbing higher and higher. She is author goals.

The thing that drew me in first was the story. It’s unlike anything I’d ever read. Addie makes a deal with a demon to get out of marrying, but the deal comes with loopholes that she hadn’t considered in her haste. Now fated to become immortal, she also lives a life where people forget her the second she’s out of their field of vision. It’s a lonely life. I difficult life. One that Addie feels duped into, but despite her turmoil, refuses to yield to the demon and instead, continues her life of invisibility. That is, until she meets someone who remembers.



This such a heart-wrenching book. I saw myself standing in the rain without an umbrella, staring longingly at poor Addie and the choices she’s had to make, ignoring my soaked hair, wishing nothing but happiness for her.

But we all know life isn’t so simple and happiness, although attainable, sometimes does not last.

I cannot recommend this book enough and I cannot wait for my book box to come to hold this book in my hands.

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