Of Wicked Blood: Review


How stupid was I to be apprehensive about a book written by co-written by Olivia Wildenstein? Maybe it was because I have such high expectations now from her past works that I’m afraid of being let down.


I shall never be let down by the queen.

This is not to cast a shadow over Katie Hayoz. Her writing is delectable. I have zero experience with her work so suffice it to say, I was astounded by the talent she has.

The characters: Slate and Candace are a sort of enemies to lovers deal without being real enemies but sorta? Hard to say. Anyhow, Candace is a bit cold and Slate is sometimes crass, but an overall good guy who got a bum deal by putting on a cursed ring. Candance comes from an entirely different background than Slate so their clashing makes for good drama.

The story: The story is unique. Set in France, we get a lot of the school and surrounding area. I’m a sucker for books set in France, but I do wish we got more of the local haunts and people to get a better idea of the area. I also wish we got more of the squad and their relationships with our main characters. But I am sure the sequel will bring it all to light.

I follow Olivia in her FB group and on her personal FB and I just love who she is as a person and an author. She is author goals, let me tell you. Katie Hayoz is a new obsession for me, so I expect I will be haunting her social media platforms stat.

Thank you to the authors for the chance to review this book ahead of its release date.