Cut Off: Review

Thank you, Edelweiss and the publisher for the e-arc!

Okay so I’m basically a wh&*e for survival stories. Pitch me something about kids on an island or game show or fight to the death and I will read it. Being lost in the wilderness is one of my favorite tropes of all time, but this one took it to a whole new level.

Cut Off is a reality show a group of people get dumped somewhere and have to stick it out using the resources they have. If you’ve ever watched ALONE, you’ll understand the concept. Funny thing is, they mention Vancouver Island in this book and that was the site of ALONE for a few seasons so there’s an inspiration in there somewhere. The book starts off with a BANG right out of the park. As the story progresses we see tidbits of who the last contestant is and how to battle against the sudden disappearance of…well, everyone. They begin encountering rapid dogs, earthquakes, spiders, and even a manic person reminiscent of a killer zombie, and they start to think, okay, something is definitely up.

I got some Inception, Thousand Pieces of You, and even Divergent with the fearscapes. But I loved all those books (and movie) so I loved CUT OFF. It was a fun, quick read with nonstop action.

Oh, and I live in Washington and I love when books are set here! I’m a total sucker for them.

Adrianne, I hope you read this review because I had so much fun reading CUT OFF. I can’t wait to add it my shelf and bookstgram the crap out of it 😀

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