Heart of Iron: review



480 pages
Published February 27th 2018 by Balzer + Bray
*** 1/2
It pains so badly to write this review because this was one of the most anticipated reads for me. Unfortunately the stars did not align.
Seventeen-year old Ana is a space pirate who doesn’t remember much of her past. She was found with a Metal named DI, basically a robot, floating through space after a massacre at the Iron Kingdom. Those who know the story of Anastasia will know that she was the missing missing survivor, but lived her life without any memory of her past.
What bent me out of shape from the start was the disconnect I felt from almost every POV and there are several. After the first 100 pages I decided that I probably won’t be caring much about these characters at all because I didn’t feel as though I was taught to. The one I felt the least connected to was Ana, which was the most disappointing to me because SHE IS THE PROTAGONIST. ugh
So, being disconnected to the people I wanted to care about, I fell into a mode where nothing truly made a lot of sense and it was sort of jumbled for me. I didn’t feel as though anything was really that exciting. I felt as though a lot needed to be fleshed out and never got the chance to.
This, as well as the numerous typos I found throughout the book just through me for a loop. I mean, i expect that from indie books, not from something like this.
I did like the diversity and it was a breath of fresh air for me. The cover and stained pages in the Owlcrate edition are gorgeous.

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